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What is Our Circadian Rhythm?

Have you ever wondered why some newborn babies love to sleep all day and stay awake all night? While it may seem like it’s just to drive their mother’s crazy, it actually has more to do with their natural sleep patterns not developing yet. What is our sleep/wake cycle? Our sleep/wake cycle, also called our Circadian rhythm, is a twenty-four-hour internal clock that helps us stay awake during our daylight hours and sleep long periods at night. It can also [...continue reading]
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Night Shift Doesn’t Reduce Melatonin Suppression

Tablets and Smartphones have not been around long enough to measure the long-term effects of these technological advances. However, some studies that have been conducted suggest that one of the potentially negative effects is that artificial light can contain blue light rays, which are linked to a number of issues related to vision and overall health. What are the problems with blue light absorption? Blue light can be found in all light sources, both natural and artificial. In small doses, [...continue reading]
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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Prevent Blindness, has declared the month of March to be Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Our eyes are so fragile and important, and the workplace can have many hazards that can be potentially harmful to our eyes each day. What are some physical hazards in a non-office setting? In industrial settings such as construction sites or factories, the physical issues our eyes can face are: Flying debris Hazardous Liquids Chemicals Dust particles or other hazardous material particles Eyestrain and fatigue from [...continue reading]
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Why Wear Blue Light-Canceling Glasses?

Light exposure is nothing new, and it used to be that most of the blue light that we absorbed was through natural sunlight. While blue light is essential to regulating our circadian rhythm and keeping us awake during the daytime, with technology we are now being exposed to potentially harmful blue light several hours each day. What can this exposure effect? Over-exposure to blue light rays through tablets, Smartphones and computer screens can have several negative effects, including: Headaches Blurred [...continue reading]
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Combating the Negative Effects of Computer Work

It’s estimated that people who work with computers are spending somewhere around 80% of their work day sitting at a desk in front of a screen. While this may not seem too challenging compared to more physical jobs, working this long in a stationary position can be very hazardous to your health. How can sitting down hurt you? Sitting for long periods of time can cause potentially short term and long-term health risks. Sitting affects: Blood circulation Posture Weight Eye [...continue reading]


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