Remote Work Must-Haves

More than half the workforce is currently remote, and prior to the pandemic, this was not the case. This means that many have had to adapt to this new workstyle within the past year. Remote work has many benefits such as the freedom to live where you want, or the ability to take a break to walk your dog midday. 

Remote work is here to stay for many, as many companies have reported they plan to stay remote, despite originally going remote for the pandemic. Many are happy about this new remote work social norm; however, this work style does not always work for everyone’s personality or work type. 

As a remote worker, there are some essential must-haves you can get to improve your productivity. Here are some remote work essentials we recommend. 

Office Set-Up

One of the main reasons people did not like the move to remote work was because they were not prepared for it at their home. If you are still working at your kitchen table, it is time to rethink your situation. This may mean redecorating an area of your house to be your dedicated workspace. By having a comfortable area to focus, your productivity and overall comfort will be better allowing you to achieve more and feel like you are actually “at work.”

Computer Set-Up

Even though you are working from a laptop does not mean you have to look down at your tiny laptop screen all day. Instead, it is smart to invest in a nice mouse, keyboard, and eye-level monitor so that you are comfortable. Looking down at a laptop causes neck pain over time, and you can avoid this with an eye-level monitor. 


It is inevitable that you will now have meetings virtually and you will have to show your face on a webcam. If your computer does not have one built-in, purchasing a webcam is essential. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Since you are inevitably going to be on the computer more than before, it is a good idea to invest in blue light blocking glasses. Before you did meetings in person, but now your meetings are in front of a screen. Before, you may have been able to talk directly to your assistant, but now you will probably be communicating through digital ways like Slack. All of this increased screen time is causing more LED lighting, and ultimately more blue light exposure. You will want to protect your eyes from digital eye strain caused by overexposure to blue light. Learn more about how blue light lenses can help, and invest in a good pair. 

Overall, remote workers feel they are more productive at home because of fewer office distractions. If you take the time to set yourself up for success, you will enjoy remote work more too. 


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