Favorite Frame Styles: Finding The Right Glasses For You

Glasses have evolved over time, from small spectacle style frames to the large aviator-style frames of the 80s, fashion has continuously evolved. When it comes to choosing your glasses style, you must consider not just what is the current trend, but what works best for you.

If you are only needing the glasses for reading, you may choose a lighter-weight frame that you keep on your nightstand. If you are wearing blue light blocking glasses to work all day in, you definitely want to choose frames that you are comfortable with for wearing 8+ hours at a time. 

You will want to consider your face shape, your lifestyle, and activity, what you wear the glasses for, your skin tone, and even your personality. Here are some favorite frame styles and what we recommend them for. 

Clear Frames

Clear frames have been trending lately because they look good on almost everyone and provide a different look than a thick black frame. Clear frames allow for your face to be highlighted more than your glasses, which some people who are not used to glasses may prefer. Clear frames can also come in rose gold and other variations that can look good with various skin tones and hair colors. 

Round / Oval Frames

Round glasses are popular and provide an intelligent look. If you have a square face, round glasses often complement your face shape. If your face shape is very round, you most likely want to avoid rounded glasses. Triangle and heart-shaped faces can get away with round frames; however, oval frames would complement better. 

Square / Rectangle Frames

Square frames are recommended for those with very round and oval-shaped faces. Square frames can come in a variety of widths, and choose which fits you best will usually be determined by how long your face is. You never want your glasses to overtake your entire face, but you want to complement your cheekbones and forehead height. If your face is very oblong, thinner frames often compliment your look more. 

Metal Frame

Metal frames provide a minimalist look and are classic. They are usually thinner and more lightweight. Metal frames often have the adjustable nose rest, which some prefer depending on nose shape. There are different types of metals used for glasses such as titanium and stainless steel. It is important to be aware of the kind of metal you choose if you have skin sensitivities. 

Plastic Frames

Plastic frames are often the preferred choice because they are wider, provide a different aesthetic, and are less likely to bend or break. Since they are less likely to break, they are often the preferred choice for children. Plastic frames often sit directly on your nose, which is all personal preference. There are different types of plastic such as acetate and SPX, so you may want to try those different options when making a decision. 

These are just a few of the options for frame styles for glasses. It is always recommended to try some on in a store, and take careful measurements if you do choose to purchase frames online. BluTech glasses are available from several online suppliers


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