How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Have you ever gotten a headache after staring at your computer screen for too long? Have you ever had trouble falling asleep at night after scrolling on your phone before bed? Both of these scenarios could be caused by overexposure to blue light from your electronic devices. 

As our daily exposure to blue light continues to increase because of LED lighting commonly used, to increased average screen time, the negative effects of blue light is becoming more clear. 

Too Much Blue Light Negatively Affects Your Body

Blue light exposure can cause digital eye strain, which often leads to headaches, migraines, and other discomforts. It leads to an overall feeling of burnout. Over time, it can even have an impact on your sleep patterns. Blue light before bed can decrease melatonin which is needed to fall asleep. Because of these negative effects of blue light, we have created lenses to help block it. 

What Does Wearing Blue Light Glasses Do?

Blue light glasses essentially block the blue light that is emitted from your devices. When you put them on, you can even see the blue light reflecting back in the lens. But how exactly do they work?

Blue light is part of the visible spectrum, and it is one of the shortest but highest wavelengths. Digital devices can emit blue light at the intense spikes at 455nm. Blue light above 440nm disrupts your melatonin which impacts your sleep habits. 

At BluTech, we have created lens types to block blue light as you wear them. We have created the Max, Classic, and Ultra, which were all designed to reduce screen fatigue and increase your overall productivity. BluTech Max provides the highest percentage of blue light blockage, but all of our lens types will protect you against harmful blue light rays. 

Something to be aware of when considering blue light glasses is that they often are not testing the harmful spikes at 455nm. Many phony companies are cheaply creating blue light glasses and claiming they help, but unless tested at the peak emit at 455nm indoors, then they probably are not going to help as claimed. 

Overall, blue light glasses are designed to be worn as much as you can, and can even be used for prescription glasses. We understand some only want to use them while in front of a computer at work or at night before bed. No matter how you choose to use blue light glasses, even incorporating them into your life will reduce your blue light exposure some, which will ultimately help. 

Learn more about our blue light blocking technology and find distributors to start protecting your eyes today. 


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