Alternative Migraine Treatments

If you have experienced migraine or deal with it on a frequent basis, there is great value in determining options that can help.  With a range of experiences, migraine sufferers have a great deal of potential treatment options. Medication It is common to utilize over the counter or prescription medication when experiencing a migraine. The exact medication that is ideal for you will need to take into account several factors: frequency of migraine episodes, intensity of symptoms, disruption of normal [...continue reading]

Shades for Migraine – June 21

Over 1 billion people worldwide experience migraine disease.  Each year, on June 21st, a global awareness campaign encourages everyone to show support for those living with migraine.  Taking part is simple! Step 1. Put on your shades on June 21st, Migraine Solidarity Day to show you care for people living with migraine disease.  Step 2. Take a photo of you in your sunglasses and don’t forget to get your friends, family and coworkers in on the fun. Step 3. Post [...continue reading]

Sleep and Migraine

When you experience chronic migraine, episodic migraine, or migraine occasionally, sleep disruption is often part of the conversation. Experiencing a migraine can impact your ability to fall asleep, to stay asleep, and to acquire good, restful sleep.  Yet, the reverse is true as well.  Having poor sleep can directly impact the chances of experiencing a migraine.  Many migraine sufferers explain that a migraine occurs not necessarily the day after a poor night's sleep. Many report a migraine the following day.  [...continue reading]

What kind of headache is this?

Headache is a common experience. Some can be incredibly painful and others just semi-noticeable.  When in doubt, be sure to track your headache, the food you ate prior to experiencing a headache, how long it lasts, what symptoms are present, and what you have done to try and treat it yourself.  If it is extremely painful, be sure to reach out to a healthcare professional for assistance.  Here are some common types of headache. Migraine. A migraine is often a [...continue reading]


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