4 Ways to Avoid Scratching Your Glasses

If you wear glasses daily, you might be used to the task of cleaning your glasses from fog, water, and anything else that seems to find its way onto your lenses. While most messes can be cleaned with a simple wipe, scratches on lenses are less of a quick fix and, aside from being an annoying obstruction to your view, can be costly to remove.  This is why it's important to protect your glasses from being scratched in the first [...continue reading]

Why Blue-Light Glasses Are a Work From Home Essential

If you're one of the thousands of people now working from home, you'll know the transition from office to home-office isn't as easy as it sounds.  Working from home can be challenging but with the right essentials and a few tweaks to your surroundings, you might find yourself even more productive than before.  One essential to efficient remote working spaces is a designated workspace. Having an area in your home that is designated only for work will help you feel [...continue reading]

4 Ways to Prevent Burnout

For many people, over-exposure to technology and the blue-light it emits is completely unavoidable when it comes to working. After a day of working behind bright screens, strained eyes and headaches are common.  Although technology is essential to completing tasks and connecting with coworkers, it can also lead to digital eye strain and fatigue.  Fatigue and stress at work can often lead to a state of physical and mental exhaustion, better known as burnout.  Symptoms of Burnout:  Exhaustion Lack of [...continue reading]

How Blue Light Can Be Damaging to Your Skin

Watching TV, working on a laptop, and browsing social media on a smartphone are all activities that are part of most people's daily routines. It's no secret that constant exposure to bright screens and LED lights can be straining on the eyes and taxing on one's ability to get sleep. However, recent studies show that blue light can also contribute to premature skin aging.  How does blue light affect the skin? A recent report by the World Health Organization found [...continue reading]

How to Wear a Mask Without Your Glasses Fogging

Wearing face masks has become a norm as people around the world are taking safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the online resources provided by the CDC, WHO, and your local public health department. For those who wear glasses, it may seem next to impossible to properly wear a mask without your lenses fogging up. Believe it or not, there are a few ways to prevent foggy glasses you [...continue reading]


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