The Science of Sleep

The science of sleep is fascinating and has interested humankind for centuries. In 350 B.C., Aristotle wrote a pivotal philosophical essay entitled, “On Sleep and Sleeplessness.” Millennia passed, and still, we didn’t have an answer about sleep. It wasn’t until 1924, when Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist invented the machine - the electroencephalogram - that would change the way science views sleep. The device would record electrical activity in the brain when patients would sleep. Over the past few decades, [...continue reading]

Enhancing Vision and Performance

BluTech Lenses are the hottest eye care accessory to hit the market since sunglasses. BluTech is the only lens material designed to protect the retina from high energy visible light. While most people slather on sunscreen when going outdoors, most people don’t consider protecting their eyes from harmful blue light rays. The effects of exposure to UVA and UVB rays is immense - ranging from skin damage to skin cancer. However, most people don’t understand that visible light rays also [...continue reading]

What to Expect During a Comprehensive Vision Exam

Comprehensive vision exams are more than just the simple eye exams we remember from grade school. Comprehensive exams measure a wide array of eye health concerns and can even help detect eye cancer and other serious medical concerns. Here is what you can expect when you have a comprehensive exam: Acuity Tests This is one of the first parts of a comprehensive vision exam. It’s when you read the eye chart, and the doctor determines the sharpness of your vision. [...continue reading]

Sports Eye Safety Month

September is Sports Eye Safety Month. While all age groups are at risk for sports-related eye injuries, some sports are riskier than others. It is especially important for parents to help protect their children’s eyes when they are playing sports. Did you know that eye injuries are the number one leading cause of blindness in children? Here are some surprising statistics. Every 13 minutes a U.S. emergency room receives a visit from a patient suffering from a sports-related eye injury. [...continue reading]


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