Why Limit Screen Time for Kids?

Screens are everywhere these days. Televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones can be found in almost every home, and in the hands of even the youngest members of the family. However, while too much screen time for anyone is proven to be harmful, the effects on developing children can be even worse. How much screen time is average? Research shows that ages five through eight years olds are spending nearly three full hours a day staring at the TV, tablet or [...continue reading]

The Science is in the Color

BluTech Lenses have a distinctive tint to every pair and this color aids in their advanced blue-violet light blocking technology. Other companies may claim to have superior blue-light blocking available in a clear lens, but the truth is that it is not blocking the most harmful of rays. Why aren’t clear lenses good enough? Clear lenses, even with supposed blue-light filters, only block up to 400nm of harmful rays, when most devices emit as much as 455nm. This means that [...continue reading]

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, is a combination of several issues that can arise from spending too much time working or playing on a computer screen. Also called digital eye strain, this syndrome is no longer limited to just computers. With smartphones and tablets being used by most of the population, this syndrome can affect almost any age at any time. What are the symptoms of CVS? Some of the symptoms associated with CVS include: Eye strain Headaches Blurry vision [...continue reading]


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