Supporting Children Learning at Home

With many schools closed for the rest of the academic year, children are spending significantly more time utilizing screens each day. What can a parent do to support their young learner while they are home all day? Posture is important Support your children by providing them a similar seating environment. Place any devices onto a flat surface. Children can sit in a supportive (and comfortable) chair.  The screen should be at eye level and shoulders should not be hunched over. [...continue reading]

Decrease Your Exposure to Blue Light

Sunlight is made up of many different wavelengths of light. When they are all combined, it becomes the white light that we see.  Each wavelength differs in size and amount of energy. Blue light rays have a short wavelength and a good amount of energy.  There are many sources of blue light that we can experience each day, including: Fluorescent light CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs LED light Flat screen LED televisions Computer monitors, smart phones, and tablet screens The [...continue reading]

Are Your Migraine Treatments Costing You A Ton?

Migraine disease is incredibly common, with 38 million people suffering in the United States alone.  Migraine sufferers often miss work due to migraine attacks. This can greatly impact the amount of income earned each year, as well as the reputation and opportunities for advancement with an employer.  Loss of productivity is another concern for anyone who experiences migraine. For some, migraine is a rare occurrence, for others it can be rather normal and persistent.  With such a wide range of [...continue reading]

Why do we care so much?

Blue light protection is more than just headlines in the news. It is about taking care of your eyes and your overall health. It is common knowledge that your eyes are directly related to how you experience the world. When things appear fuzzy and blurry, it can lead to headaches and strain.  It is not always common knowledge about how exposed we are to blue light each day. BluTech Lenses were designed to help protect you and your family from [...continue reading]


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