Tips To Avoid Eye Strain

Almost everyone has experienced eye strain at some point, whether or not they realize it. It can happen from staring at your textbook for too long when studying for an exam, or from a long road trip of hours of your eyes focused on the road ahead.  Eye Strain has become more common than ever before thanks to our digital era. Thanks to widespread use of computers, tablets, and cell phones, eye strain caused by digital devices has become a [...continue reading]

How Light Therapy Helps With Seasonal Depression

We just passed the winter equinox, which means we are in the shortest period of daylight in the entire year. Many of us are waking up before the sun rises and not even done with work or school as the sun is setting. These short daytime hours have us feeling tired and feeling like it's 10pm, not 5pm. Reduced daylight hours can affect everyone different, but with less sunlight we are inevitably getting less vitamin D.  Less vitamin D intake, [...continue reading]

How Do I Know If I Need Blue Light Glasses

Have you ever experienced eye twitching after staring at your computer for over 8 hours? Have your eyes ever hurt or felt strained, causing you to get a headache? Humans are now falling asleep to blue light and then waking up and immediately exposing their eyes once again. This happens when you fall asleep watching TV or scrolling through your phone, and in the morning immediately checking your phone for notifications when you wake up.  It’s become our natural habit, [...continue reading]

Glaucoma Awareness Month

Eye health is part of a holistic approach to physical and emotional health. Eye pain and sight loss can have a significant impact on physical and mental well-being. That’s why examining the different forms of eye disease are important in the journey to preventative care and treatment.  The Glaucoma Research Foundation has deemed January Glaucoma Awareness Month in order to bring attention to this eye health issue. Here’s what to know.  What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye disease that [...continue reading]


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