Favorite Frame Styles: Finding The Right Glasses For You

Glasses have evolved over time, from small spectacle style frames to the large aviator-style frames of the 80s, fashion has continuously evolved. When it comes to choosing your glasses style, you must consider not just what is the current trend, but what works best for you. If you are only needing the glasses for reading, you may choose a lighter-weight frame that you keep on your nightstand. If you are wearing blue light blocking glasses to work all day in, [...continue reading]

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Have you ever gotten a headache after staring at your computer screen for too long? Have you ever had trouble falling asleep at night after scrolling on your phone before bed? Both of these scenarios could be caused by overexposure to blue light from your electronic devices.  As our daily exposure to blue light continues to increase because of LED lighting commonly used, to increased average screen time, the negative effects of blue light is becoming more clear.  Too Much [...continue reading]

Remote Work Must-Haves

More than half the workforce is currently remote, and prior to the pandemic, this was not the case. This means that many have had to adapt to this new workstyle within the past year. Remote work has many benefits such as the freedom to live where you want, or the ability to take a break to walk your dog midday.  Remote work is here to stay for many, as many companies have reported they plan to stay remote, despite originally [...continue reading]

Screen Time Usage Is Through The Roof

Our screen time usage has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. Americans now average 4 hours per day just on their phone and are spending 12 hours connected to media, according to Nielsen’s latest study.  The younger generations are spending the most time on their phone and older are watching TV. Overall, all Americans are spending more time than ever before sitting in front of screens or scrolling their screens.  What does this mean? Most non-essential businesses have moved [...continue reading]

3 Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors to overall health and wellness that is often overlooked. During your sleep cycle, your body is healing itself and preparing your mind and body for another day. Sleep issues are common and there can be so many reasons as to why it is difficult to sleep or why people still wake up feeling tired.  Here are 3 tips for better sleep:  1. Get into a consistent sleep routine - even on weekends [...continue reading]


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